Saturday, March 19, 2016

Author, Educator & Public Speaker

Author of Inspirational Books

Author of Educational Books

Educational Qualifications:

  •     Doctor of Theology
  •     Post-Graduate Diploma in Counseling
  •     Master of Education
  •     Master of Arts in English Language & Literature

Professional Experience:

 28 years of teaching English and  Computer Applications in Africa and in the USA

Public Speaker

Available to make presentations and classes to adults, youth, and children on topics such as the
  • The Christian View of Life
    • Christian Worldview
    • God-Man-World Relationship
    • How to Understand the Bible
    • Salvation 
    • Christian Mission
  • Christian Worship
    • The Essence of Christian Worship
    • What do we pray? 
    •  Metaphor in Liturgy  
    • Meaning of Qurbana
    • Introduction to Liturgical Syriac
  • The Life and Vision of Paulos Mar Gregorios
  • Counselling Topics
    • Transition to Adulthood
    • Maintaining Relationships
    • Career Counselling for youth


Contact Info: 

  • Mobile: 828 167 0189